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Welcome to Maagic


Thanks to how Maagic is programmed, and what Maagic is programmed with, Maagic is able to outperform the competition in speed.


All accounts have unlimited bandwidth, uploads and even storage! We also dont delete anything over time.


99% of Maagic is completely free. Maagic is proudly funded out of pocket and with small donations, so we don't charge our clients.

Maagic is an exclusive image hosting service that works with thirdparty and firstparty image clients. We strive to seperate ourselves from the competition and as a result we do things differently. Maagic allows all clients unlimited bandwidth, uploads, storage and even allows file uploads up to 1 GB big! We create our own clients when it comes to mobile platforms in order to create a new, lower-level of system integration.

Because Maagic is an exclusive website, we are able to do things that the competition can't. A few of our features that we know you will love include but are not limited to:

  • Letting you generate torrents from your uploaded content.
  • Allowing you to import files through our web interface.
  • Directly integrating with the iOS system to allow screenshot captures on a new mobile level.
  • Supporting 3rd party clients with a simple hosts, DNS or configuration change.
  • Secure https support, including when you upload.

If that isn't enough to make you join us, our entire service is free.

Maagic is currently funded out of pocket and with small donations.

Maagic is a somewhat exclusive website. Registrations automatically open from 4PM US Central time to 5PM US Central time. Optionally, if you have been provided a registration key, you can register whenever.

We try to support as much platforms and devices as possible. Because of this, we have made it so Maagic works with both first party applications as well as third party applications. We create innovative clients for our site that use the platform they are designed for precisely how they were meant to be used. While our supported platforms continues to grow, heres what we support now:

Virulent Services

Parent Company


Lead programmer, iOS tweak creator

Maxwell has created the backbone of this website, as well as the iOS tweak client for Maagic.


Emotional Support, Critiquing