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About Maagic

About Us It's Nice to Meet You!

What is Maagic?

Maagic is a file hosting website populated by screenshots and small uploads from both 3rd and 1st party screenshot programs and applications.

How is Maagic funded?

Maagic is currently funded out of pocket and with small donations.

How can I register?

Maagic is a somewhat exclusive website. Registrations automatically open from 4PM US Central time to 5PM US Central time. Optionally, if you have been provided a registration key, you can register whenever.

Why should I use Maagic?

We pride ourselves in being different from the competition. Because of this, we don't cap bandwidth, we don't charge for accounts, we don't limit upload space and you can upload files up to 1 GB big.

What features set you apart?

Some of our favorite features include:

  • Letting you generate torrents from your uploaded content.
  • Allowing you to import files through our web interface.
  • Directly integrating with the iOS system to allow screenshot captures on a new mobile level.
  • Supporting 3rd party clients with a simple hosts, DNS or configuration change.
  • Secure https support sitewide, including on uploads.